The new Band Hair Forever 2.1 is the result of many studies.

The band has been realized with rubber support, which confer a lot of resistance and durability.

The band has 4 attach and 8 hole, it is 8 cm long, but it is possible choose the shortest size with 2 attach and 4 hole of 4 cm long.

With the new band we can use the "extractors", that allow to increasing the assembly speed.

Moreover, if you don't want to use the extractor, it is possibile assembly the bands with  the traditional Hair Forever method.

4 Attach

Whit extractor

2 Attach

Whit Extractor

Step by Step

Choose the line where you want to arrange the band.
Grab one lock of hair.
Using the tool supplied by viemme, isert each locks inside the extractor.
Pull the extractor to ensure that the lock enter in the hole. Do the same with the other extractor.
Check that each lock of hair is inside the holes.
Insert microring on the tool and grab the two lock of hair
Once you have grabbed the lock, let them flow inside the microring
Complete the flow of hair with the hook.
Use the pliers to crush the microring, holding the strand of natural hair fall down.
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