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THE ADVANTAGES OF HAIR FOREVER 2.0                                    DOES NOT RUIN THE HAIR


Assembly speed. A band is applied in less than 4 minutes. 6/8 bands x 1 extension

Flexible and shock absorbing system. The anchor points are 7 mm wide made of flexible material. this helps to better support the brush strokes and traction that the hair undergoes at the connecting points.

Reusable product. The customer can take them apart and reassemble them whenever they want.

Scrapping. The stages can be scrapped when the hair is no longer in perfect condition, therefore each customer can always have their hair in perfect condition.

Economic product. The viemme bands have a very affordable quality / price ratio compared to any other extension system.


  • F Hair axes of support for super-thin rubber, with 5 attacks.

  • Invisible application with microring or keratin

  • 100% human Indian sourced hair

  • Remy hair processing system

  • Pack of two 9 cm bands

  • Hair length 30cm 35cm 40cm 45cm 50cm 55cm 60cm 65cm

  • Band weight 7gr 8gr 9gr 10gr 12gr 14gr 16gr 18g

Step by Step

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