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STIKER STICKERS invisible 8 cm

  • Origin of Indian hair

  • Transverse oval structure

  • Mounting with water resistant double sided tape

  • Weight per strand 4/5 gr

  • Available in all colors

  • Hair measures 45/55/65 cm

  • 100% Virgin human hair

  • Available colours

The adhesive stickers are made with the highest quality hair, 100% natural, worked with the Remy method.

They are applied in 30 minutes without heat and thanks to the strong hold adhesive, soft and very thin, they have a long duration.

The peculiarity of the stickers is that they are reusable and invisible because the hair is injected into the rubber holder.

The adhesive stickers are easy to curl, smooth and color, are available in 24 shades and have an average duration of 3-4 months.

We also make shatush and bicolor stickers (with meches effect) by combining two of the 24 shades available.

For a complete stretch, 25 adhesive stickers are required.

Adhesive locks

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